Blue Diamond Double Pack



Blue Diamond Double Pack

The 2L Double Pack is an exceptional bundle that contains a single 2L bottle of our best-selling Blue Toilet Fluid. This is an exceptionally effective, fast-acting and long-lasting toilet fluid, designed to effectively manage waste, whilst emitting a pleasant and fragrant smell in the waste holding tank to minimise odour and a 2L bottle of pink Bowl Cleaner. Both are delivered in convenient, safe packaging in order to ensure maximum quality of the product. These two chemicals are all you really need to maintain a pristine toilet and they make even the mundane task of cleaning more pleasant.
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SUPER VALUE Toilet Fluid & Bowl Cleaner Pack
Effectively Working Together in Unison
SUPER Economical
The ULTIMATE Combination to Keep Your Loo SUPER Clean & SUPER Fresh

Pack Includes:
1 x 2 ltr toilet Fluid
1 x 2 ltr Bowl Cleaner

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