Supersize Eagle kite. Bird of Prey Kite



Supersize Eagle kite. Bird of Prey Kite

Birds Of Prey kite.This eagle kite is made from polyester with a fibreglass frame.
Kites include kite line and handle. Great to fly as a kite, or if you need to scare the Pigeons,this kite has been designed to scare away unwanted pest from farmers crops.This kite is best flown from a Life's a breeze PRO POLE, these poles are much stronger in construction, and comes with a rotating eyelet and perfect for this large kite to fly from.A Pro pole 6m and over is recommended as well.

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Eagle Kite.Birds Of Prey
Size 180x82cm
Handle,line included.
Ages 8 Upwards.
Recommended wind range is 5-15 mph
Our own UK designed bird scaring hawk kite, has been re-developed and designed to improve strength within the framework connections. The team have greatly thickened the glass fibre framework, strengthened and lengthened the pockets and nose connector holding the rod supports. All the above will provide longer lasting performance and flight stability. This kite is unique to Life's a Breeze, and is only on sale through Life's a Breeze here in the UK.
This Hawk kite is great for Farmers, Gardenes and People who want to protect their ponds and allotments from unwanted bird of prey visitors. The Hawk kite is made from Spinnaker Nylon material, with a fiberglass frame, comes with a Free line Rig so you can attach the kite to a Telescopic flag pole (Not Supplied).Perfect to protect all your crops.

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