Performance range relax chair with table



Performance range relax chair with table

The most comfortable style chair available. A premium zero gravity stepless relaxer that gives you the most comfortable seat chair. It features the premium padded Qtexweave fabric which gives you excellent durability along with premium comfort. The elasticated support throughout the relaxer gives the chair extra comfort all over. The stepless recline allows you to lock the chair in any position allowing you to get the absolute perfect recline every time. It has a padded head rest which can be adjusted anywhere up and down the back of the chair so it can not only be used as a head rest but also a lumber support if required. The use of the excellent Q600 fabric means this chair is incredibly comfortable to sit made even more so due to the extra comfort padding. For piece of mind the fabric is also fire retardant.

The chair also features an exclusive slide out side table. This gives you a side table right on your chair at the perfect height for drinks food and more. If you dont need the table you can simply slide it out of the way and slide it back when you need it you never need be without a table again. It has a strong steel frame with a premium powder coating which gives you great weather resistance and great strength. It all folds flat when not in use making it easy to carry and store away.

Padded Qtexweave Fabric
The padded Qtexweave fabric is a premium quality heavyweight fabric that is extremely durable and has great U.V. resistance. It is a 600D weight material which ensures it has great strength and durability helping the fabric last for years. The padding gives you extra comfort especially when used for longer periods. The fabric has an advanced manufacturing process which helps ensure the thread is woven in an extremely tight fashion making it stringer than its rivals. The fabric is double layered giving it a thick almost quilted feel to it. This makes the fabric both comfortable to touch and feel but also gives added strength.

Price: £83.00

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Performance range padded stepless relaxer with slide out table
Extremely durable Qtexweave fabric
Padded for extra comfort
Fire retardant
Extra comfort from the elasticated support
Excellent weather resistance
Exclusive slide out side table
Strong steel frame
Premium powder coating
Stepless adjustable recline
Padded head rest
Adjustable head rest
Head rest can be used as a lumbar support
Folds flat

Materials and
Fabric: Padded Qtexweave fabric
Frame: Premium powder coated steel
Size: 66 x 80 x 118 cm.
Seat height: 51 cm.
Seat width: 53 cm.
Folded size: 66 x 15 x 98 cm.
Weight: 10.2 kg.
Max load: 120 kg.
Side table max load: 5 kg.

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