Jackite Giant Canada Goose



Jackite Giant Canada Goose

Canada Goose Kite. Jackite began in 1988 and still operates today as a small family owned company. Marguerite Stankus has designed these unique Bird Kites / Windsocks that truly depicts a Bird in flight. They beat their wings, bank on the air emulating a real bird. Made of durable Tyvek. Fly one from your flag pole and people will think you really do have a Bird on a string. All Birds are assembled just complete three simple steps and its ready to fly.

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Jackite Giant Canada Goose. Constructed by durable Tyvek. Wingspan 60 Inches.
Comes with a free line rig to attach to your telescopic windsock pole.
PLEASE NOTE;This item cannot be shipped outside of the UK as shipping costs will be more,Please call for 01271 343121 for prices outside the UK, OR email clive@lifebreeze.co.uk.

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