Telescopic 4M Flag & Windsock Pole.An Ultimate Performance pole By Lifes a breeze



Telescopic 4M Flag & Windsock Pole.An Ultimate Performance pole By Lifes a breeze

Life's A Breeze Telescopic poles are designed for windsock and flag use. These poles have been designed in the UK by the Life's A Breeze team and are not on sale anywhere else in the UK. These poles have been developed over a number of years by our team in the UK. These poles have been designed for windsock and flag flying and also line laundry. Our poles have the thickest construction of any that we have seen or tested. Our design team have incorporated unique functions to our poles, these include:three strengthening bars in the base section of the pole, this strengthens the main section, shortening the tip section, this gives the pole incredible strength while maintaining flexibility. The base caps have been designed using thicker rubber and fibre glass materials to ensure long lasting durability for our customers. Our poles have been made from 100% fibre glass with rubber bungs, with no carbon material. This is to ensure that our customers are safe should they unfortunately come into contact with electrical cables, because of the design, no electrical current will conduct. Ensuring our customers remain safe at all times. We have included the weight and dimensions of our poles so that our customers can understand how much material has been used in the manufacture of these products. Our poles weigh and measure much larger, so that our customers can see the quality of the product you will be receiving. The construction of the poles are made in multiple layers of glass fibre ensuring that the thickness of the telescopic walls are such that create the strongest pole in the UK or in Europe, giving the flexibility and assurance for you to know you are getting the best possible product. The telescopic flag poles have been designed with a high specification durable gloss black finish to keep your pole looking as good as new for longer.

Very quick to assemble with no tools required. Once the pole has been extended, Simply undo the cap on the base of the flag pole and place over one super carbon mount(not included).
Price: £13.00

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Size of pole when collapsed 115cm in length.
The tip section is now 7mm in width, with the length being 41cm.
The outside of the base section is 9cm in circumference.
The pole weighs 369 grams.
The poles come in their own clear pole bag for storage.
All of our poles come with a Life's a Breeze leaflet, detailing the correct way to extend your pole and the care of your pole. Our sales team are also available to talk through any queries you might have, the office number is 01271 343121.
PLEASE NOTE. A Super ground stake is best used to support the flagpole , this item is sold seperately, please see listing on the web site for this.

PLEASE NOTE;This item cannot be shipped outside of the UK as shipping costs will be more,Please call for 01271 343121 for prices outside the UK, OR email

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