Caravan Flag. Happy Campers Flag, Camping Fun



Caravan Flag. Happy Campers Flag, Camping Fun

WOW, This amazing flag with the image of a caravan with its beautiful graphics and colourful design.
This flag depicts a truly Happy Campers scene.
Thick, and soft durable fabric.
Beautifully printed flag readable from both sides
Price: £17.99

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Happy Campers Flag
This flag is made with luxurious fabric, it is velvety soft and thicker than our regular Polyester flags, but still light weight enough to fly from a Telescopic flag pole. This is a very high quality flag, designed for superior durability, and can be read from both sides.
Comes complete with three eyelets to flay from a flag pole, or can be used as a house banner flag, or even as a table cloth.
This flag was created by meticulously hand painted methods using the most vibrant colours available, creating a totally vibrant flag.
Size 28" x 40"

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